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Crisis PR

Depending on how it's handled, one crisis can make or break a company and its brand.
A full-blown crisis and a 24/7 media feeding frenzy, require savvy advice.
In 30+ years in business, MELODY'service has amassed considerable experience creating strategies and formulating counteroffensives to deal with crises. As head of Public Relations during a protracted crisis that engulfed Alpha Kappa Alpha, MELODY’service was the point person who had to manage the media. This included responding quickly and countering any rumors, all-out fabrications or misconstrued actions that were plucked out and blown up. The breathless coverage had to be tamped down and met with measured responses.This coverage was worldwide including from major network outlets. By being in the center of a media storm, MELODY’service exhibited poise and by “talking down” with courtesy, some of the media, the client averted even greater damage.

This provided the baptism for crisis PR. It was primarily during this series of episodes that MELODY’service gained valuable insight and strategies.

Through its discerning eye, the firm can pinpoint the crux of the challenge, create strategies to deal with all stakeholders who are vested in the firm, tailor an offensive, set up a mechanism for dealing with the media and serve as part of the troubleshooting team to help the firm navigate, weather and survive the media storm. MELODY'service has the wherewithal and skill to advise and guide the firm, government agency, educational institution, non-profit or individual. We provide a toolkit that is tailored to the unique dynamics of that crisis. This includes constructing letters, preparing clients to rebut fake news, setting up a mechanism for squashing rumors and creating a rapid response team that will push back and help minimize the blows. In essence, we achieve the right tone and the right balance to manage and to successfully navigate the crisis, so that your company does not suffer long-term consequences.


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